Protect your bedding from uninvited guests to create the most hygenic and restorative sleep enviremont possible with the brand hotels trust most.

CleanRest has made a promise to bring the healthiest and cleanest night’s sleep to everyone in the world, wherever they lay – especially in your home.

We do this by creating the most obsessively engineered lineup of mattress, box spring, & pillow protection products manufactured with two of the most trusted patented technologies available – the Zip-N-Click Bed Bug Blocking Zipper Enclosure, and our MicronOne Allergen Barrier Fabric – to support our three big promises:

1. Reliably defend your sleep and your bedding from bed bugs, mattress-borne allergens, staining and accidental spills.
2. Create a healthy, restorative, and comfortable night’s sleep.
3. Extend the life of your mattress and box spring by avoiding premature spoilage from everyday usage.