Hotel Owners

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Mattressgard is an innovative bedding company that has sleep hygiene and comfort in its DNA, and for over a decade they have been supplying a range of technically superior mattress protection and hygiene products to UK consumers.

Inspired by the apparent lack of regard for mattress hygiene shown by hotels up and down the country Mattressgard MD Paul Aiston set about looking for a range of products that would be of a quality to withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry, provide the desired levels of comfort and crucially guarantee the hygiene levels sought by hotel guests.

His search ended when he met up the team from CleanBrands™, a meeting that created a partnership aimed at integrating CleanBrands™, one of the Worlds leading mattress protection manufacturers and suppliers, into their already impressive portfolio of products.

Featuring MicronOne™ fabrics, Zip-N-Click mattress encasement products and the revolutionary quilted zipped enclosure CleanRest™ products provide:

  • Improved guest sleep, comfort, and hygiene
  • Defend hotel assets, reputation, and profits against spoilage
  • Zip-N-Click that prevents bed bug and dust mite infestation
  • MicronOnepatented fabric which stops allergens, microtoxins, from passing through from the mattress
  • Reduce hotel utility bedding costs and complexity by reducing layers and replacement frequency
  • 10 year guarantee

In a matter of weeks, your mattress assets can be overrun by allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and staining from bodily fluids and accidental spills – all things we don’t want our hotel guests to experience during their stay. What better way to reassure your guests that their sleeping environment is clean, hygienic and comfortable than to use a Mattressgard™ product?

In addition to the UK’s best range of mattress protection products, Mattressgard™ can also advise Hotel, Guest House and B&B owners on the correct choice of mattresses and beds. Working with Protected Mattresses & Beds Ltd, together, we have tackled head-on the top four issues affecting the Hospitality market, these being Crib-5 Fire Certification, Mattress Staining, hygiene and Dust Mites. Incorporating Staingard™ & Sanitized™ treatments to the mattress fabrics, these combined treatments ensure that all mattresses are stain protected against spillages such as bodily fluids, food and beverages, and due to disrupting the food chain of house dust mites, these mattresses are protected against odours, mould and dust mite allergens. Together with one of Matressgard’s mattress protectors, there can be no healthier environment for your guests to sleep!